Journalist, bank manager and local council member, Barry Fairbrother takes his wife, Mary Fairbrother to the local golf course in Pagford in celebration of their 19th anniversary. This is also an attempt to improve Mary's mood - she is somewhat annoyed by the fact he is writing an article about Krystal Weedon and her life in the Fields, a poorer part of Pagford. Barry is experiencing headaches, which he ignores. He says goodbye to his children Fergus, Niamh and Siobhan (twins), and Declan, the youngest, and then drives through Pagford, where we learn the couple have lived ever since they married (see Barry Fairbrother for more on their marriage). They arrive at the golf course, when Barry experiences a headache far worse than before. He falls to the ground. Miles and Samantha Mollison arrive at the scene and call an ambulance.


More to come...

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