Local Council Administration is a document written by Charles Arnold-Baker. It consists of a series of regulations for local councils. J.K. Rowling came across the sevnth edition when looking something up, and she found the title for her book. Arnold-Baker's guidlines include:

6.11 - A casual vacancy is determined to have occurred:
(a) when a local councillor fails to make his declaration of acceptance of office within the proper time; or
(b) when his notice of resignation is received; or
(c) on the day of his death...
12.43 - Trespassers - As against trespassers (who, in principle, must take other people's premises and their occupiers as they find them)...
7.33 - Fair Comment - Fair comment on a matter of public interest is not actionable.
7.25 - Duplicity - A resolution should not deal with more than one subject...Disregard of this rule usually leads to confused discussion and may lead to confused action...
5.11 - Lunacy - At common law, idiots are subject to a permanent legal incapacity to vote, but persons of unsound mind may vote during lucid intervals.
7.32 - Privilege - A person who has made a defamatory statement may claim privilege for it if he can show that he made it without malice and in pursuit of a public duty.
22.23 - Weaknesses of Voluntary Bodies - ...The main weaknesses of such bodies are that they are hard to launch, liable to disintegrate...
13.5 - Relief of Poverty... - Gifts to benefit the poor...are charitable, and a gift for the poor is charitable even if it happens incidentally to benefit the rich...

The guidlines mentioned appear at the start of of all seven parts and the Olden Days section. They will relate to something that occurs in the seciton of the book, perhaps having a hidden meaning.

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